What material is BT710's body made from?
BT710's clamp is made from aerospace-grade aluminum . The body is made of ABS+PC which is solid.
How much does BT710 weigh?
BT710 weighs 1.2 pounds by itself and 2.5 pounds when connected to an iPad 2. For comparison, the 13 inch MacBook Air weighs 2.96 pounds.
What versions of the iPad will BT710 work with?
BT710 will work with iPad2, iPad 3rd and 4th Generations. Unfortunately we are not supporting the iPad 1. The back is curved in a way that differs from the current iPads and it makes it a heavy redesign to integrate with.
How loud are Brydge's speakers?
We are still sourcing speakers, but as of now we know there will be at least a 40 dB increase from the iPad's speakers.
How long does BT710's battery last?
BT710 has a lithium ion battery for long battery life and is easily charged via micro USB. Battery life varies significantly based on speaker use. Without speaker use, Brydge's battery should last 0ne years!.
How is BT710 charged?
BT710 is charged via micro USB. A subtle indicator light off to the side indicates power levels.
Does BT710 have a full keyboard layout?
BT710 is charged via micro USB. A subtle indicator light off to the side indicates power levels.
How is BT710 charged?
Yes, BT710 has a full QWERTY keyboard. The beveled edge was designed thin to provide the largest keyboard possible. Additionally, Brydge has hotkeys built in dedicated specifically for iPad functions.
Does Brydge support other international keyboard layouts?
BT710 supports an international toggle switch which will allow you to select different languages/keyboard styles as set through your iPad settings. We are looking into offering Brydge with different key prints, but are focused on shipping out the U.S. version right now.
Does the iPad go to sleep when closed up against the BT710?
Yes it does!
Does BT710 support multiple languages?
The iPad offers multiple languages, BT710 will work with all of them, but unlike the letters on the screen, the letters physically on the keyboard won't change.
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